How To Remove Sidebar in Blogger Blogspot To Create Full Width Page

Sometimes we needs to Hide or Remove sidebar on Blogger Blogspot. To make a flexible page throw individual blogspot posts or pages, we needs to create full width System. This post will help to remove sidebar on certain pages and transform your blog into a gorgeous looking website. You can also See demo on Bottom of post.

How To Remove Sidebar in Blogger Blogspot To Create Full Width Page

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How to Remove Sidebar: 

If you think to Stretch the width of blogspot site to remove sidebar, You have to read this article carefully. Although, this steps is too easy. Just needs 5 minutes. Please follow this step carefully.

  1. Go to blogger Dashboard 
  2. Add New Page (or go your entire page / post you want edit) 
  3. Select html tab and pest the code.

Note: Replace width 98% according to your needs, you can even uses pixels instead of percentage i.e. 960p.  

Fundamentals To Know:

Now if you successfully done whole process you should know dose it happened. We use "Display none" tags to hide your widgets in sidebars. But important! tags should be add cause for html should ignore other tags.

So after successful of this method or any problem you can tell us on comment section. Happy Blogging! Stay with Amraito.Com
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