Navel Piercing Guide With Healing Time and Infections

Navel Piercing or called Belly Button Piercing is The Best and Beautiful way to decorate your body or Belly as a Hot Look. Naturally Woman’s Navel hole is a important things for women Because of most of the dresses of women’s are highlighted there stomach. Yap! For most fewer things like this, a girl or you may have choose Navel Piercing.

Navel piercing

If You are thinking or Looking to Pierce your Navel you may really search this article, That I am going to Discuss about Navel Piercing Before Care, After Care, Navel Piercing Pain, Pleasure, Real Life Experience of Navel Piercing, How much do it hurt, Really helpful Video for Navel Piercing.

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Also added Various kind of navel piercing Idea, Costs, Where should You go to pierce, Pros and Cons of Belly Piercing, How long time needs to heal and much more. Bangladeshi Navel Piercing Model Video With Asif Akbar Foo Song.

Navel piercing india

Belly Piercing is not only looks cute but also its Hot and Sexy. Without Navel Ring or Nude Navel is like missing something that blocks you to be more hotter and Gothic.

Now adults are really concern about decorate there belly. In this article about this trend, will give you all the information you have ever wanted to know about belly button piercing.

1. Why You Should Pierce Your Navel?

On my research, I have found two things just for this questions. First of all, Its very attractive for both man and woman. For example, boys like there abs and girls like there body to adding piece of jewelry. On jewelry section it has a huge belly button rings or studs collection on infinity color and designs.

Navel piercing

2nd thought is, No doubt its pretty and sexy but it also very much pleasurable for women’s for there won navel play time. That’s why if a girl pierce her navel first time and found sexual feels, she would go next for pierce it 2nd , 3rd & 4th also done some crazy girls! Don’t worry we will guide you every steps as well.

2. Navel Piercing Age:

Age is a sensible factor for this piercing. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or South Asian countries normally pierce nose and ear on there childhood. But medically rule says navel piercing is safer to start after 18-20 years to 30-35 years. See this picture below its 16 years old school piercing.

Navel piercing age

Although this approach is prefers belly hole condition. Most of Indian and Pakistani school/collage are starts piercing there navel from 16 years. They are safe & sound also. But you should talk with your piercer. Its better.

3. Belly Button Piercing Before Care: 

Most of the Asian piercer don’t follow before care rules. But trust me its very much important. May be they don’t know what to do before! Most of human suffered Allergy. So if you have Allergic problems, you should go to Doctor or don’t take foods which are normally consume for allergy.
Remember that, Navel piercing is not safe if you have “Ring Warm” & other kind of Bacterial disorder.

Navel piercing allergy

Please don’t pierce your belly button in ring warm. Try it almost one month letter.
Before Navel piercing, you can eat some (Anti-Oxidant) Vegetables like cucumber! It will help you to fight bacteria and heal faster. Your piercer should wash his hand before piercing to avoid infection. Won’t be the only one who forgets oral instructions after making it through a piercing procedure.

4. Navel Piercing Pain: 

Dose belly button piercing really hurt? The answer is, Navel piercing part involving the needle goes really quickly and you will feel some stinging for a few seconds, but it isn’t as prolonged as some other piercings! One more thing is belly piercing is not sensitive as other piercing area like ear.
That means less pain and sensible.

Navel piercing pain

Actually pain is when needles fucking the skin. If you have good tolerance level, you may be able to bear this pain. Although its not needs pain killer but, if you afraid or can’t bear you can also take pain killer pill.

5. Belly Button Piercing Kits: 

Need that kind of kits to properly pierce your belly. Make sure your piercer use both of that.
  1. A Cute Navel Ring (Must your choice) 
  2. 12/14mm Gauge Needle for Piercing 
  3. Piercing Cork 
  4. Piercing Clamp or Clip 
  5. New Cotton Ball 
  6. Antiseptic swab 
  7. Cleaning Wipe.

6. Navel Piercing Infection: 

3% in piercing can be gone wrong or get infected. How to know is your piercing goes infected? If you see pus, if its smelly a bit funky, if it a is color besides clear or white. These factors can all be pointed towards a possible infection. But please don’t afraid. Stay cool we are here to guide you dear. Must follow our Navel piercing after care.

Navel piercing infections

You can Message them to solve that. Tattoo & Piercing BD (Ads) is a professional piercing authority. Tell them your problem and send pictures of infected areas. There mobility is awesome. Or, If you notice any signs of infections, it’s time to call in the medical professionals, Piercing Authority or Piercer and let them decide what the best course of action.

7. Navel Piercing Price / Cost: 

If you go to pierce your Belly button you have to cost money. But its not too much! On America, Europe its cost 20-70 dollar with Studs, Rings etc. Asia and pacific region (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka etc) its cost 15-40 dollar.

Navel piercing cost

8. Belly Piercing Aftercare:

After piercing, Please check navel piercing on a regular basis to avoid any sign of redness, whiteness, swelling and irritation. This process must follow first 15-20 days to best healing.

No need to touch the site of your skin jewelry because it can increase the risk of infections. But allowed to touch at the time of cleaning. Use sea salt with a cup of hot water at least 8 ounce. Naturally as like one mug coffee. Tightly hold the cup on your belly pierced area and lay down to bed for 5-10 minutes.

Navel piercing aftercare

Wear low rise pants and take off your shirt, kamij, saree, tops etc. Bend over at the waist until the rim of the paper cup is around your piercing site.

Clean your jewelry and piercing with antibacterial soap / sea solt almost twice a day in first 15 days and use a paper towel to dry it. But please don’t over cleaning it. Avoid swimming on public pools or bath tubs. Use hot water for shower to reduce bacterial harming. No need to use any antiseptic. (Only registered doctors or Piercer can apply)

9. Double Belly Button Piercing: 

Double Navel piercing is another piercing on belly after first done. Most of the women had pierced before and having the fun and pleasure with her navel rings, they are comes to pierce there navel double, triple or more!

Double belly button Navel piercing

But as navel piercing, double navel piercing is very common trend now. Specially with Saree & Crop tops its very eye catching. Its care, infections, healing are similar like belly button piercing. Best thing is that you can also do 2, 3 or 4 piercing in belly at once. Because its take same time to heal, care. Just follow our Tips from above to be secure your navel safe.
3 Navel Piercing:

4 Navel Piercing:
4 belly button Navel piercing

10. Summery: 

Belly button piercing is a very common way to be gothic and fashionable and take the chance to grow up natural beauty of navel. Most people thought its bold or bad. But, your life is your, your everything is your so your decision is opt to you. If you feel uncomfortable with that, far way is better job.

belly button Navel piercing

No religion is ruled against navel piercing. But, Islam dose not support to show body to publicly. You can also hide piercing easily and female piercing is also available. Happy Navel piercing!

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Image Source: Exotic Piercing BD, Tattoo & Piercing BD, Big Guys Tattoo (India), Head To Toe Piercing (Pakistan). Thanks to all.
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i want to do my navel pierce. what should i do first?
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please first of all contact a good piercing studio. they will help you. we shared some good piercing studio name above post.
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