Best Free and Cheap Online Marketing Business ideas 2018

Everyone needs to promote his business online at free or very cheap cost. But, it’s also very tough. You have to do some creative and solid marketing plan. I am going to tell you, best free and cheap online marketing business ideas for your online business. Most of that are very powerful but free!

If you don’t have bucks of money to spend or you are a new comer on market, I am sure my research of online marketing business ideas will help you to make a gig.

This is not only for E-commerce business but also for new comer, upset Blogger or website owner who can’t make better sells or page views. For those guys my suggestion is that, you should take free Online Marketing Business ideas or tools first. Its limited condition but helpful to understand your startup.

online marketing ideas

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Why you should Marketing on online: 

You know, internet is a global community. We are people of global village. So if one of your content, products anything is go viral. Than you don’t need to see back.It also called Digital Marketing.

Online marketing is very cheap. For example; if you spend one dollar, you can show your products 1000+ people on online. This is the great opportunity for us.

Look at very well known company in internet, Like Facebook, Google, Apple or others. They are giant and control almost 80% of internet activities. But, they also spend huge money for Advertising.
If ignore all of that shits, they also make a big market for us. We should use it carefully, because they hate spamming. But my best cheap online marketing ideas are out of spam.

digital marketing ideas

Free and Cheap Email Marketing: 

It’s a nail cutter trick for your grow your views or sells. Email marketing is a common way to build up your professional marketing strategy. But, it’s very important because, if any of your mail receiver “Mark your mail as spam” that will not occur for search engine rankings factor.

Coz Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or other search engine don’t collect email data. So that’s why there is no chance of seo fall. You may make a attractive design email template for your products. There are some awesome Free & also cheap email marketing tool and software’s. Like “MailChimp, Mailrelay, SendBlaster etc.

I talk about this three because both of my most favorite mail marketing partner. You know, I made more than 5k (5000) visitor per month with those free tools. This is one of my favorite free & cheap online marketing business ideas.

MailChimp and Mailrelay both of is, one kind of automated online Email Marketing tools. On free version they are limited edition, They support 75000 mail sending quota per account. It’s huge for a small business entrepreneur.

They also give you opportunity to add Email collecting widget on you Blog, Website, Facebook and other social media pages. So there is no problem to get right emails. But little problem is that, they will add small footer credit.

Otherwise can use there cheap paid plan. It will help you for pre made beautiful template and pre collected emails. If you not interested with it, you can try next! Sendblaster.

Sendblaster is a desktop tool. That’s why it not shows any footer credit coz its full of your control. So what can we do? That’s called creativity. You go to mailchimp or mailrelay. Add gadgets/ widgets to your blog, website and social pages.

If people add there mail address. You can make a list to mailchimp or mailrelay. Go back to your desktop tool sandblaster, and put emails. Chose a beautiful mail template to attract people.

Then try to add your best post or products on mail. You can add related post also it will help better views. Think like a mail receiver, why he click to your link? Try to write something funny, Informative etc to attract as first site and Send. See Boom!

*Don’t try it daily. People will be bored. Try it almost a week letter. 
Write Great Contents: You know advertising is the key of attract people. But if you spend huge money to advertising then your income can’t properly cover your growth. I thought, people of internet worlds are trust whom, who can describe and be transparent on content and products description.

You need to take this opportunity cleverly. Write article with love. Example, if you write a post on your blog, facebook, other social media which is completely responsive with related pictures, links and useful videos for people. Then you see what happened with your post and products. There is no way to neglect you.

Search Engine Optimization (Seo): 

Is it a joke? No. Because every single online activist know search engine is a father of visitor. But, most of the new comer blogger and website business host don’t know how to exactly find right keywords for your own growth. This is the free and very cheapest Online Marketing Business ideas to go beyond.

For example, you should understand what people think about your entire or related products and topics. What should you do? you are a new comer you should research about product or article keywords. Many people use Google Adwords for research. But you don’t understand it. Cause you can’t calculate what is low competition keyword. You can use ( Keywordtool, Semrush, aherf, smallseotool, seobook etc)

My bro or sis! Choose most related keyword which is low competition.
Demo; if I search about “BMW” car. Then BMW car companies’ website will be top of all of first page. But if you are blog writer, 3rd party seller of BMW car. You can’t be top in this keyword. Try less competition like “Low budget BMW Cars” keywords. Then if people search “low budget BMW” they obviously found your website.

Local Marketing: 

For small business owners, target audiences for content marketing is not easy. You also started from zero. In this time, local marketing is key to success for online marketing business ideas. 

Why? Because it’s the very cheapest way to go. On local market, most of the people, visitors are your known person and friends. So they know you are new comer and they potentially help you to improve and solve your problems.

There are many ways to take local advantage. Like “ Hosting free events, Sponsor on local sports team, Give free wifi service, Celebrate your products lunching with customers, Announce free gifts on holidays, Take survey to your customers etc.

You will understand what to do. Freely discuss with them. It’s a very simple but powerful way to ride. Cause if people trust you, they also share and spread your products to another.

Local marketing to understand customers

Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

Social media marketing is very important for local seo. Because social media marketing is not keyword related. They are show ads on are wise. This is one of the best free online marketing business idea and long term technique also.

Example, if your business is located on Dhaka Bangladesh. Then why you waste your money for international target? Just go facebook, Create your best ads. Then they ask you which area you want to choose. Select your location. Pay bills. People must see and engaged with your sponsored post. They will comments, likes and share. If you give them better response they will your next free advertiser. Ha-ha! This is a open secret Online Marketing Business ideas.

Do this same thing on other social medias “LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc. Get in touch with us we will write post for every social media.

Budget Marketing: Budget marketing is a term to use your money properly. You can calculate amount of money, you going to spend per click or per impression. It gives you proper stability to give advertise.

If you have 5 dollar to spend, just search or go throw a budget marketing website. Like Buysellads, popads, Popcash, wap4dollar etc. This websites are low budget advertising company. Usually they produce 1k (1000) visitor/ Impression per dollar.

Buysellads is a classifieds ad exchange network. You have to make your proper ad design (Text, Banner etc). They also help you to make it better. Better ad generate tons of hit for you.

Affiliate marketing: 

Are you surprised? Yap its. Affiliate marketing can generate for you huge impression and sells. More over that, google want good ranking to rank you. How do you get that? Nothing else. There are millions of Blog writer on Internet. 

Search a blog which is your product related and ranked better in search engine. Go there contact page and tell them to post a review on there blog. Might be they charge 5-50 dollar or more from you. But, trust me it’s a secrete tricks and one of the best practice of cheap online marketing business ideas.

Because, If they put your Site or Products links on there site. Your entire products will also attracted by their people plus another people of internet are started trusting you. Google will definitely rank your website and products with their blog. You became a trust worthy online entrepreneur. Good luck for you!

Referral Marketing: 

Create a referral marketing system to your website. Because is if you don’t have a lot of money spend or no one wanted to take your ads than referral is a solution for you.

If your website is made with Wordpress CMS system than, just go Plugin page and search InviteReferrals pluging from wordpress plugin directory. Customize and use. Cheers!

Actually there is no limitation of cheap marketing ideas for online but success is yours. Above post I tell you Best cheap online marketing ideas which are also secrets content marketing strategy. But now I share some simple but effective common ideas.

  1. First off all “Having Business cards” will give you identity of your business. 
  2. Get in touch with your “Potential Customers” it will help you to survive. 
  3. Go to “Seminars and Public Functions”. Little embarrassing but if people see you, obviously they talk about you they know about your business.

I know Cheap online marketing business ideas is not too easy process. But I shared most easy and effective ideas because I am also tried those techniques and found success. Best of luck. Thank you!
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